Welcome to Unique Products & Services

Unique Products and Services is situated in Port Elizabeth, South Africa about 5km from the airport. We serve the Automotive Paint Industry and Component manufactures with Unique Products.

Some of the products we sell are:

  1. Anode Cells
  2. E Coat UF Membranes
  3. Oily Waste Water UF Membranes
  4. Bag Filters
  5. Bag Magnets
  6. Magnetic Filters
  7. Flow Meters
  8. RO Membranes
  9. Spray Nozzles and Eductors
  10. Rectifiers

We are representing the following companies in Africa:

  1. UFS Corporation
  2. Sepro Membranes
  3. MHD Magnets
  4. EKK

Apart from the products we also offer, complete turnkey projects, training and project management as standard services. Should you require assistance you can call us at:
Tel: +27 41 367 4336 or alternatively email us at: eugene@uniqueps.co.za

Unique Products and Services, Your One STOP E Coat Shop